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Molly Evans & Mary Brown: When Bra-Busters Meet


Wearing a swimsuit, superstar-next-door Molly Evans leaves the house and strolls over to the pool in the backyard where she sees Mary Brown swimming.

“Hi, how are you?,” Molly asks. “How are you doing? Is the water warm?”

Mary smiled and replies, “Come with me. Let’s try it together.”

Molly and Mary take a leisurely swim across the pool, eyeing each other’s huge tits, looking at how they bob and float. They have made an instant connection.

They reach the end of the pool and size each other up. “My nipples are stiff,” Molly says with a smile.

“Do I excite you that much?” Mary replies.

They reach out to feel each other’s breasts while holding onto the edge of the pool, enjoying each other’s soft caresses. They get out of the pool and help each other take off their clingy, wet tops.

The pool area is private. No one can see them. Molly and Mary can breast worship by the pool, sucking, licking and fondling their enormous tits. It looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Date: August 25, 2022

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